About Ghost Investigations and our Ghost Hunts 

Ghost Investigations began purely as a solo venture, later opening up to running public ticketed ghost hunting events across the UK.


A keen watcher of the various ghost hunting and paranormal programs on TV I decided to attend organised overnight ghost hunts at various locations across the UK.  These were enjoyable and eventful and I thoroughly recommend them. It can sometimes be difficult sifting through audio and visual eveidence due to the large groups in attendance at the time and the associated background contamination.  I therefore decided to setup on my own and carry out solo investigations at reputedly haunted locations around the UK.  



By investigating on my own:

  • I have more freedom to visit and investgate locations
  • I can remove any doubt about the validity of the audio and visual evidence i'm gathering.  I trust myself and the equipment I am using
  • There's no opportunity for noise / visual contamination from fellow investigators
  • I can confidently refute any claims of fakery.  Quite simply I'm not that technically skilled to fabricate evidence, nor would I wish to do so.  Whatever audio or visual evidence i capture and publish on this website will be as recorded at the location.
  • Furthermore, it has helped pave the way to offering the public great locations that I / we have tested out first hand.


Public Ghost Hunts

In 2016 we began running public ghost hunts across the uk.  Our aim with these ghost hunt events is to provide you with unique access to prime haunted locations across the UK.



Check out our Public Ghost Hunting Events and book to come and join us.


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