Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs)

Here's a list of EVP's captured and details of the locations.  I've not edited the recordings and have uploaded the full files so you can review for yourself, however large.  But I've also included details of timings of the EVP's if you want to skip ahead.

Newsham Park Abandoned Hospital, June 6th 2014
EVP's recorded June 6th 2014 (Group Ouija, Ward G)

QUESTION @14m50s - alone in side room (electric chair) with spirit box, I ask "Are you a patient?"
RESPONSE @14m53s - "Yes" (Female voice)

The following sound like the same male Voice..

QUESTION @19m57s - "Where were you born?"
RESPONSE @20m06s - muffled response, possibly "manchester" or "Barnsley"

QUESTION @23m12s - "How long have you been here?"
RESPONSE @23m21s - "Don't Know"
MP3 audio file [34.2 MB]
Newsham Park Abandoned Hospital, October 26th 2014
EVP recorded October 26th 2014 (Naughty Boys Corridor, table tipping)

QUESTION @3m45s - "Are You a Teacher?"
3m51 - glass moves to Yes, acknowledged by the group
RESPONSE @3m52s - sounds like breathlessness and trying to speak (almost sounds like "help there")
MP3 audio file [11.9 MB]
Newsham Park Abandoned Hospital, October 26th 2014
EVP's recorded October 26th 2014 (Corridor by Laundry Room)

QUESTION @28m45s - "Can you play a game…like your friends upstairs?" (this is in reference to some small beads that were thrown down the corridor at our group (consisting of only family members who we trust)
RESPONSE @28m47s - sounds like "yeah" or "Here"

INCONCLUSIVE EVP @34m50s - there's noise from another group through a connecting wall to the kitchen (around 100ft down the corridor) but on top of this there's a sound like a baby crying
MP3 audio file [55.5 MB]
Newsham Park Abandoned Hospital, October 26th 2014
EVP's recorded October 26th 2014 (Ouija and Ovillus session, Ward G, far end room)

(this is where our uncle Jim later told us he saw a man stood next to him, aged around 19 and also a woman in a long white gown with long grey hair and bulging eyes staring at him. He kept this quiet until the day after and it had clearly unnerved him)

QUESTION @10m47s - "are you a child?"
RESPONSE @10m50s - "No" in an elderly weak voice

QUESTION @38m13s - "are you a child?"
RESPONSE @38m16s - "yeah" really weak almost out of breath response

QUESTION @38m47s - "are you still there?"
RESPONSE @38m51s - "I am"

@45m31s - "Jim" on the Ovillus device
@45m43s - Jamie-Lee says "My granddad's called Jim"
@45m45s - "Kind…" muffled response
MP3 audio file [65.5 MB]
Ancient Ram Inn, Wooton-under-Edge, June 17th 2015
Ancient Ram Inn - Bishops Room EVP

Here's a first class EVP from the Bishops room during my solo walk round the building. Following the investigation I caught up with John and his daughter who talked again about their experiences and informed me that some people had been sworn at and told to leave. At this point I hadn't reviewed the EVP session so was unaware I'd captured an example of this.

Here's the file for the EVP session in the Bishops room.

@1m07s - "Can you see that light on the bed?"
@1m09s - RESPONSE: "Feck Off"
Snippet Bishops Room EVP.MP3
MP3 File [155.6 KB]
Ordsall Hall - Tapping on the well cover
Voice recorder left on top of the glass covering the well in the kitchen area. Previous groups had reported getting knocking sounds when listening against the glass and calling out. We left a voice recorder on the glass and left the room after asking for responses. 5 minutes went by where nothing was captured, until this clear distinct knock. Again, nobody was in the room at this point and there is no other access to the well area.
MP3 audio file [139.7 KB]
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