30 East Drive Sleepover Ghost Hunts investigations

Join Ghost Investigations and be part of an exclusive team of limited numbers as we investigate 30 East Drive - the Poltergeist House, Pontefract.  Gaining notoriety throughout the 60's and 70's the hauntings by 'Fred" - also referred to as "the Black Monk of Pontefract" are known of worldwide.  Such were the itensity of the hauntings a film was made detailing the occurrences (When the Lights Went Out).  Today however it is thought that there is more than 1 entity here, as encountered on our private investigations here.


  • History of violent poltergeist activity
  • shadow figures
  • objects moving
  • tapping / knocking

This is a location like no other and strictly limited to 10 guests per event.  Due to the history at this location, ouija boards are not allowed.



  • Event runs from 9pm - 3am
  • Parking is at the venue. Please don't park directly outside of the property as it's on a bus route.  (30 East Drive, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 2AN)
  • Guided group tour
  • Structured group vigils including the use of:
    • Table Tipping
    • Yes / No Tablework
    • Ghosthunting Gadgets
  • invitation to participate in various experiments
  • Option for lone vigils
  • Refreshments / Snacks
  • Sleep over option (bring your own bedding & airbed)


We will begin the evening with a full group guided tour of the location.  Following this we will regroup to our base area where we will split up into 2 sub groups.  We will each take different areas of the building on a rota basis.

Site History & Hauntings


It is believed that the original hauntings were linked to what was dubbed 'the black monk', one that had been hanged for rape back during the time of Henry 8th. The house now sits upon that land and the spirit seemed to attach itsellf to the property and the original tenants (the Pritchards) during the 60's & 70's.


A previoius solo investigation of 30 East Drive began with a tour from Carol, the neighbour.  Carol was very generous with her time and stories during the tour and was interesting to listen to.


During the tour we experienced 3 events:  



1. Upstairs in the son's bedroom we had a domino thrown as we were exiting.  I was running a periscope live feed at the time and managed to capture where the domino had landed.  However, i hadn't seen which direction it came from.


2. As we descended the stairs another domino was thrown.  Again we couldn't trace where this came from but found it at the base of the stairs, along with a third domino that we didn't notice on the way upstairs.


3. Whilst shut inside the coal shed, my tech engineer and Carol were in the doorway to the kitchen when I suddenly heard comotion.  Exiting the coal shed I made it into the kitchen to find a small plastic yellow ball rolling along the floor, having heard it bounce moments before this.  Again I was periscoping and caught the audio and some video of this but was too late to see where this had come from.



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