Gresley Old Hall Ghost Hunts

Join Ghost Investigations for our event here at Gresley Old Hall.  Remaining almost completely unchanged since it's victorian days, groups have experienced paranormal activity on each floor and in each room:


  • Sound of voices
  • footsteps
  • light anomolies visible to the eye
  • apparitions
  • pulling of hair



  • Event runs from 7pm - midnight
  • Free parking at the venue (Gresley Old Hall, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9QW)
  • Structured group vigils including the use of:
    • Table Tipping
    • Yes / No Tablework
    • Ouija
    • Ghosthunting Gadgets
  • invitation to participate in various experiments
  • Option for lone vigils
  • Refreshments / Snacks

In addition, we will be installing night vision cameras to fully document the event throughout the evening.


We will begin the evening with a full group guided tour of the location.  Following this we will regroup to our base area where we will split up into 2-3 sub groups.  We will each take different areas of the building on a rota basis.

Site History & Hauntings


Built from the remains of a 12th Century priory on the same site, the present day structure dates back to the 16th Century.  From then until now the location has had many uses such as pottery, clothing and also home to many families through the years.


Built in 1566 for Sir Christopher Alleyn, the property remained in the Alleyn family until the death of 'mad Alleyn' Samuel Stevenson Alleyn in 1734 where it was left to friends of the family (Littleton Poyntz Meynell).  It's speculated that he may have suffered from some form of epilepsy, which back then would have resulted in quite odd behaviour.  


The Meynell's let the property to the then Mayor of Derby (Robert Bakewell) untill they sold the hall in 1773 to the Gresley family.  George-Rawdon Hastings (2nd Marquess of Hastings) then purchased the hall in 1828.  Finally it was sold to John Hall in 1889.  Following this it fell into disrepair but was later used as a coal miners welfare centre in the 1950's


Many of the rooms remain untouched form it's victorian days and on some of the walls old victorian graffiti can still be seen.  Will we connect with the spirits of the people that wrote on these very walls?


Apparition of a maid

The vision of a maid in victorian attire has been witnessed several times.  There is a reported death of a maid at the property who sadly fied in a fire.  



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