Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker Ghost Hunt

Join Ghost Investigations as we explore the many darkened corridors and disused rooms as we head underground in this former Nuclear bunker in Nantwich, cheshire.  This is a real investigation in that very little is known about the detail of the people that are haunting the Bunker - it is MOD after all.  However, previous reports include:


  • residual and intelligent knocking
  • Sound of voices
  • people getting a sense and sound of being followed
  • Full body apparitions



  • Event runs from 9pm - 3am
  • Free parking at the venue (French Ln, Nantwich, CW5 8AP)
  • Guided group tour
  • Structured group vigils including the use of:
    • Table Tipping
    • Yes / No Tablework
    • Ouija
    • Ghosthunting Gadgets
  • invitation to participate in various experiments
  • Option for lone vigils
  • Refreshments / Snacks

We will begin the evening with a full group guided tour of the location.  Following this we will regroup to our base area where we will split up into 2-3 sub groups.  We will each take different areas of the building on a rota basis.

Site History & Hauntings


Built during WW2 this was intended to act as a red herring for bombers, tricking them into thinking they were over the main Crewe railway network - though it was developed for further use.  As WW2 ended and with the onset of the cold war, the site then became the early warning centre for any long-range misiles on approach and allow for interception of enemy bombers should they enter our airspace.  The military ceased operations here when it closed in 1966, though it became a hub for secret government meetings following it's closure.


But the history dates back further than this.  The area around the bunker is steeped in battle history from the English Civil War, specifically The Battle of Nantwich, 25th January 1644 which resulted in heavy losses for a battle that lasted only 2 hours, during which some 1100 people were killed.  With a high concentration of deaths in such a short space of time, and in such violent circumstances - what imprints have been left on the surrounding land soaked in the blood of those poor souls?


There are reports of a number of spirits that have been sighted here. Some good, some less so. Also, a multitude of independent accounts of human remains being found protruding from the ground around the bunker has led to theories of dark goings on and govenrment cover ups during the early days of the bunker - theories of murder by govenrment officials who tried but failed to cover their tracks.


Previous investigations here got some interesting results on Ouija, dowsing rods (for some) and interactive touch-activated glow balls.



The Lady on the Stairs

In the 50's, the body of a female officer was found at the base of the spiral staircase.  Did she jump?  Was she pushed? Or was it simply an accident?  Sightings of this lady occur at the top and around the rooms near the bottom of the stairs.



Communications Room

Little is known about this, other than the spirit of a lady has been seen walking through the room, disappearing out through the door.  



Dark Shadow Figure

There are reports of this sighting throughout the bunker, accompanied by notable temperature drops.  Who is it?  What are it's intentions?



Lower Level Government Offices

There's been sightings of apparitions of a male, leaving his post and wandering the corridors.

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