Newsham Park Abandoned Hospital Ghost Hunts

Join Ghost Investigations explore this vast building.  We've been here on other events previously and this location has shown us all sorts.  Previous reports include:


  • residual and intelligent knocking
  • people being touched / pushed
  • poltergeist activity
  • interactions with touch-activated objects
  • apparitions
  • Manifestations caught on camera
  • EVP's




  • Event runs from 9pm - 3am
  • Free parking at the venue (Newsham Park Hospital, Orphan Drive, Liverpool, L6 7UN)
  • Guided group tour
  • Structured group vigils including the use of:
    • Table Tipping
    • Yes / No Tablework
    • Ouija
    • Ghosthunting Gadgets
  • invitation to participate in various experiments
  • Option for lone vigils
  • Refreshments / Snacks

We will begin the evening with a full group guided tour of the location.  Following this we will regroup to our base area where we will split up into 2-3 sub groups.  We will each take different areas of the building on a rota basis.

Site History & Hauntings


Newsham Park is a Grade II Listed building in Liverpool.  The vision of a group of seamen, building work began on this educational institute for orphans with the laying of the first foundation stone on 11th September 1871 and would take just over 3 years to complete, with the official opening by HRH Duke of Edinburgh on 30th September 1874.  


In 1879 a sanatorium was added, but the guiding principles of the institution was always to be education for orphans.  Newsham would support hundreds of children over it's time, with a surge in demand through the First World War with 1000 orphans being assisted.  During the Second World War however, children were evacuated form Newsham to another location where their education continued.


In 1946, preparations were made for a return to Newsham Park, but with the great expansion in the country's social service schemes, many surviving parents were understandably reluctant to place their children in the orphanage. This led to a gradual decline in the number of resident children. New laws prohibited children under 11 years of age being educated at the same school as older children, and young children living in an institutional school. Despite Newsham Park's endowment, financial difficulties were increasing and there seemed little prospect of bridging the widening gap between income and expenditure. As a result the orphanage was closed on 27 July 1949.


The premises was sold to the Ministry of Health in 1951 and in 1954 Newsham Park Hospital was born with it's own psychiatric department ready to serve the influx of patients with severe mental problems.  The hospital served it's patients until in 1988 it no longer took on new patients.  By 1992 all remaining staff and patients had been relocated to other sites.  Later in 1992, the closure of Rainhill Lunatic Asylum saw the transfer of their patients over to Newsham with £1.6m being spent on improving the facility.  Despite this, it's doors closed once again and for the final time in 1997


The site has been investigated by numerous groups and we ourselves have attended events here with family and friends and were not disappointed with the activity we had each time.


  • Great EVP's (
  • A total of 3 apparitions witnessed by 2 people on different occasions
  • Interactions with touch-activated gadgets
  • Small objects being thrown
  • Photo of a strange light anomoly / manifestation in an empty corridor (
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