Hack Green Nuclear Bunker Ghost Hunt, Nantwich

A really varied evening here at Hack green.  Activity seemed to peak and subside as we moved around this fascinating building.  Collectively we experienced seeing a shadow figure, hearing conversations, footsteps, clicking/tapping, outstanding results on the dowsing rods and some unexplainable interactions with the touch-sensitive glow balls - backed up by K2 interactions at the same time.  Ouija was very quiet, though there was some response on the yes/no table.


Nuclear Weapons Display Room

Beginning with a group vigil we had some minor interactions on the K2 which had remained unaffected for some time previously.  One of the ladies in the circle then felt the energy moving to one of the corners of the room so as a group we all followed and again we continued to get interactions in response to our questions.  The group then split into 2 smaller circles in each back corner of the room.  One group had some unexplainable hits on the glow ball.  This is a touch-sensitive ball which as we demonstrated isn't set off even when we jump and stamp the ground around it.  The glow ball hits were corroberated with fluctuations on the K2 meter at the same time.


In this room people were feeling cold breezes and leg touching.  It was established that we were in the presence of a male spirit.



Blast Room

Sitting in here with lights out you litereally cannot see a hand in front of your face.  Once the door is shut there is absolutely no light contamination coming in.  We spent time conducting a group vigil, followed by experiments with dowsing rods with lights on.  Following questioning it seemed that we were connected with the spirit of a lady that had died on the base.


Cinema Room

Before the guests arrived we had a tour of the place and were told that some of the goings on in here included seats being flipped down.  These are the Odeon-style cineam seats that eventually flip up under heir own weight.  We set about ensuring all seats were in the upright position and wanted to test whether any had been moved when we returned with the guests later.  Sadly - all were in the same position but we again set about making contact.


All sat in silence and facing forwards, we all saw one of the glow balls activated.  Some also heard footsteps in the corridor behind us and on numerous occasions we heard echos of a conversation from a distance.  This was unexplainable since all of us were in the cinema room sitting in silence.  We set a voice recorder in the corridor to try and capture these voices and will share the recording once analysed and if we captured anything.


We then moved out of the cinema into the corridor and lined up against either side.  With meters and glow balls between us we stood in silence and waited.  Some of th eguests were with their backs to door ways into other rooms and felt as though someone was behind them.  We had some flickers on the K2 meter and we even gave the spirits a rendition of "It's a long way to Tiperary", "We'll meet again" and "Pack up your troubles".  This generated a fun atmosphere  and as we were all enjoying the moment we did get some more flickers on the meters.  A few guests also felt they saw a shadowy apparition further down the corridor.  We also heard the toilets flushing - yet everybody was accounted for.  We were advised the toilets are not on an auto-flush cycle.



Despite the history associated with this particular location it was unusually quiet.  Minor activity on the dowsing rods but nothing on Ouija or the table, and no interactions with the equipment.  Guests did comment about feeling icy cold here but we have to acknowledge that stood at the bottom of a stairwell is likely to result in a funnelling effect.  We did hear one distinct thud though which caught us all by surprise, and we heard the toilets flushing again but were assurred that they are not on an auto-flush cycle.


Female Dormitory

Previous groups had commented about witnessing a small goblin-like entity in here so we setup a night vision camera in here to record throughout the night.  We'll keep you posted as to whether we captured anything.


Group vigil in here seemed uneventful.  We heard a clicking noise but couldn't be sure whether it was perhaps the DVR box that was recording.  Other than that, the atmosphere in here felt fine despite an earlier walk round where the staff advised they felt the atmosphere had turned darker again after months of feeling still.  Also we setup a voice recorder in here so we will analyse that and share anything we captured.




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