Ordsall Hall Ghost Hunt, Salford

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This marked our debut public ghost hunt event and what a fantastic night it was too.  A truly great group of people that booked on to the event that really kept the energy flowing into the early hours of the morning.  In addition to that - the lovely staff of Ordsall Hall also got involved and joined in with some of the group vigils.


The evening began with a tour led by Cynthia from Ordsall Hall who gave the group a brief overview of the property and it's history - being careful not to give away too much information.  During this initial walk around one of the guests reported getting grabbed on the leg in the Great Chamber room.


We split into 2 sub-groups, each in turn tackling 6 key areas across the location.  These were:


  • The Star Chamber
  • The Great Hall
  • Kitchen Area
  • Attic
  • Coat of Arms Room
  • The Great Chamber


The Star Chamber


Group A

There was a lot of activity with the glass on the yes/no table, where it seemed that the group were followed by a spirit of a lady they had picked up on earlier in the evening.  Also, the spirit of a man came through briefly.  When the group moved over to the ouija board to gather more detail the activity seemed to subside.  Unfortunately there was no activity on the K2 meter at this time but one of the group did feel as though there was someone stood behind them and felt uneasy.  There was subtle activity with table tiping.


Group B

They tried all manner of methods to make contact but the only thing that worked was with the table tipping where the team got some knocking on the table and some vibrations being felt.



The Great Hall


Group A

Again there was a lot of activity with the glass on the yes/no table, where it again seemed that the group were followed by a spirit of a lady they had picked up on earlier in the evening.  Also, the spirit of a man came through briefly who made it very clear he was watching us from up on the balcony.  Table tipping was a little more active in here than the Star Chamber.  Nothing on the K2 or ouija board.


Group B

They tried all manner of methods to make contact but at that time of the event they reported no activity.


Kitchen Area


Both groups tried all manner of methods to make contact but neither group encountered any activity in the kitchen on this occasion.




Group A

During the group vigil, none of the equipment used seemed to get much results, very subtle table tipping but otherwise flat at that time.  Finally during a circle vigil we heard small debris being thrown.  We had a few guests conduct a lone spirit box session in another part of the attic away from the main group.  Unfortunately no voices came through on the white noise.


Group B

They had great activity on the ouija board, where they made contact with a woman that began spelling out the name of a guest.  Upon further questioning the entity further it seemed that the guest reminded the entity of itself.  It transpires that the guest works as kitchen staff in a school and the spirit that came through worked in the kitchens back in the history of the hall.


The lone spirit box sessions were more successful this time with some tapping being felt in the room, mufled voices and a woman crying / sighing.


Coat of Arms Room


Group A were getting more activity in the great chamber so never ventured up into the Coat of Arms room during group vigils.


Group B

Great activity on the ouija board in this room.  The group picked up on the spirit of a child, a 2 year old called Arthur.  The session continued to discover that Arthur was murdered by a nanny and a date of 1581 was provided.  The spirit of the nanny also came through and confirmed that she lived there for 54 years.  A date of 1526 or 1527 was mentioned by the nanny.  She confirmed she murdered the boy by drowning.  These dates seem to work well with each other as 54 years on from 1527 brings us to 1581.  


The Great Chamber


During our setup of the event, we installed a night vision cctv camera facing into the room with motion sensor.  During the walk through and as we left the Great Chamber down the stairs, we heard the motion sensor sounding.  We paused and listened again for the next 2 minutes where the alarm sounded a further 3 times.  After the tour we headed back up to check the setup and on approach heard the alarm again.  Once we got into the room we had no motion sensor activity for 5 minutes, despite our best efforts to encourage more activity while we were there.  Again, as we left we heard the motion sensor alarm again.  Times for these events were logged and will be reviewed on the playback of the footage.  Weirdly - when we checked on the equipment later on we found that the motion sensor had been deactivated, though neither of the staff had been into the area where the base unit was setup.


Group A 

For table tipping this is where the group had the most activity, with the table rocking and clear tapping being heard in the room.  We also got fantastic responses on the yes/no table where we determined we were with a female spirit, and also another child spirit.  We were getting some inconclusive answers on the ouija board too, giving ages of 3, 35 and 54.  We determined the female spirit used to live at the property, was married and was apprehensive about giving any further information due to another spirit in the room she was fearful of.  We couldn't seem to make contact with that male spirit in this room but we believe this female spirit stayed with us in some of the other rooms.


Group B

There was a general feeling of unease in this room where one of the Group B guests were grabed on the leg during the initial walk round. Sadly nothing came through on the board or table work, nor were there any interactions with the K2 at this time.


Guest Lone Time


After the structured group vigils around the location the guests were then set free to roam the hall on their own, using the equipment and methods we'd introduced them to through the night.  Guests reported more activity in the Attic and Coat of Arms rooms, with contact being made via ouija, yes/no table and clear interactions with the K2 meters and glow balls.


All in all this proved to be a successful night.  Check our review video below.


We would welcome any of the guests and staff to post any pictures or videos form the event on to our facebook page  www.facebook.com/investighostuk


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