Sanctuary Rock Bar Ghost Hunt, Burnley

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An absolutely great night at this location for THE FIRST EVER paranormal investigation here.  We'd been told about some of the goings on but were not expecting such a varied amount of activity.  Fantastic bunch of people, good mix of believers, skeptics and some on the fence but all really threw themselves into every aspect of the evening.


Splitting into 2 groups we each tackled the middle and upper floor in turn, along with the stairway.


Ground Floor


Group A

Some of the team broke off and conducted an ouija session on the ground floor bar.  In it's former life as a restaurant this area would have been where the kitchen was.  Reports from staff that worked at the restaurant tell of glasses and crockery being thrown off shelves and dark shadows being seen.  Ouija connected to a male spirit which only responded to one of the female guests and spoke of meaning harm to her.  The team also had a glow ball sat in a groove on the bar away from the board.  Towards the end of their session the ball began rolling when the female guest was calling out.


Middle Floor


Group A

The quieter of the floors for group A. That said, while doing a group seance by the stage area, a few mentioned feeling someone stood behind them whilst another felt breath across her face for a brief moment.  Around the corner by the bar a few girls were sat  down and felt the environment change to a very male-dominated area.


Group B

Nothing to report in the main room.  However, table tipping on the stairs created some pretty amazing scenes - so much so that the comotion could be heard in the other group and whatever affected the table on the stairs was also affecting the K2 meter in the other group.  The table rocked so violently that the guests had to use a lot of force to keep it from falling over.


Top Floor


Group A

Starting with a group seance and calling out, we got one or two hits on the K2 meter in the centre of the circle.  Most K2 activity seemed to centre around our attempts to make contact with the little girl that has been seen by staff.  We used nursery rhymes and even played patter cake patter cake which managed to get some hits on the meter.  Certainly seemed the more fun we were having, the more inquisitive the spirit was.  Still in the circle, some sensed a dark figure to their side.


Other activity in the room included legs being stroked and hands on bums!  


Whilst the other group were out on the stairs our K2 meter was hitting red.  Checking with everyone that their mobile devices were still turned off, we had no explanation for these high EMF fluctuations where previously there was minor K2 activity.


We also conducted a spirit box session where users reported hearing grumbling sounds which for some strange reason appeared to go faster when the user pointed their torchlight at the box.  


Group B

Great results on the ouija board. The team connected with the spirit of the little girl that bar staff had seen.  It was determined that the girl (aged 7) may have sadly passed away in that building and that the male spirit that people have picked up on was her father.  At times it felt like the father was blocking the girl and preventing further communication.  Given the history of this building as once being a cotton mill - could the girl have actually worked there in amongst the machinery and sadly perished?  Further investigation needed to confirm.



Guest Lone Time


At the end of the group sessions the guests were given free reign to use the equipment and carry out some lone investigations.  


  • White Noise Experiment (Middle Floor) - guest heard a muffled argument between males
  • Ouija Session (Middle Floor) - guests surname spelled out (and he wasn't even taking part but was present and watching). Also another guest felt tugging on their jacket whilst taking part in this session.
  • Ouija Session (Top Floor) - The group connected to the girl who said she was in the restraunt her father owned which was the male picked up on earlier.
  • Whistling response (Ground Floor)
  • Sobbing heard (Ground Floor)
Sanctuary Rock Bar - Top Floor
EVP captured on the top floor.

Question: "Do you know the little girl?"
Response: sounds like "Child"
MP3 audio file [97.7 KB]

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Building History


The building itself was built in 1864. In 1868 Harling Harling & Todd owned the building, operating as cotton spinners & manufacturers - but were best known for making looms. In 1896 it and another building opposite were established as the Newtown Mill. Fast forward to the end of WWI where from 1918 the Newtown Mill over the road would spend the next 30 years acting as a lodging house. From around 1990 it was renamed as Lodge House, later being used as offices. Little has been uncovered about the history of the Sanctuary Rock Bar building. However, this was adjoined to what was the Empire Theatre from 1894 - 1938, later being used as a cinema and a bingo hall.

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