Smithills Hall Ghost Hunt, Bolton

A mixed night here at Smithills Hall.  Our preliminary walk through the previous week highlighted that we would be unable to investigate the chapel area as it's still used for services and is therefore forbidden.  Although this wasn't confirmed at the point of booking we fully understood the reasoning and respected this.  We also managed to grab a quick view of the Green Room - one of the more haunted locations according to the Smithills website and staff.  We were fortunate in that it's normally closed off to the public in the daytime but were advised we would have access to this on the night.  Sadly, when the night of the event came we were told this was not accessible and we wouldn't ever have been advised it was.  This was a real shame as apparitions have been witnessed there many times.


Despite these unforseen setbacks on the night we quickly got on with the tour of the hall and then split into sub-teams to begin the investigations of other key areas.


Great Hall

A group seance in here saw some of the guests seeing small flashes of light and hearing noises from the unoccupied display room behind them.  There were also interactions with the K2 meter, only seeming to respond to one of the male guests during the seance.  The meter was resting on a stone floor and baselined at a green light for some time before fluctuating.  Mobile phones were off / on flight mode.


Other lone-time investigations in the great hall also got great responses on the EMF meters:


" We had the emf reader in the Great Hall and the little girl came through. I

counted her age and it kept flashing on 3! We played a game with her

too as she wasn't answering our questions properly. We put the machine on

the floor and told her to copy us, rob jumped 3 times each time getting closer

to the machine and then said "your turn". The lights flickered 3 times each time

getting stronger! We did it again changing the amount of jumps and again

she copied back!  

                                                    - Kay Hamer



Withdrawing Room

A very active area for one of the sub groups.  Whilst beginning with a seance the team were in a circle, hands held and were calling out. The K2 meter was again very active, hitting all the way up to red on occasions.  At one point one of the guests began feeling really uneasy, at which point we heard them confide in their partner stating that they had just seen a tall dark figure in a hat stood behind another guest.  They were visibly shaken by this which also startled the other group.  Table tipping was ineffective in here however, in the last 10 mins in that location the Ouija board was giving some odd and incoherent results.


Colonel Ainsworths Room

Again, an active area for 2 of the groups with results on Ouija, K2, seance and potentially mild poltergeist activity.


The group on the Ouija connected with Colonel Ainsworth whilst the group conducting the seance were in contact with Lady Ainsworth.  Whilst the Ouija was responding to the group questions the K2 meter with the seance would flash.


At one point the Ouija group heard a faint noise, only to turn around and notice the rope barrier swinging.  The other group also reported that this had happened when we all met up later to discuss.  Both of these groups also witnessed creaking sounds coming from a painting and one guest felt her torch being tugged from her belt loop (we will be reviewing the video recordings to determine if anything else was captured at the point we reacted to these events).


"The picture and the EMF in the. Colonel rooms. I've never seen

the K2 metre hover on the second and third light then all of a 

sudden stop only for it to kick off again."

                                                                                       Lee Gibbons

Bower Room & Solar Room

Whilst a group downstairs were connected to the spirit of a girl aged 3, the team upstairs were also getting results on their SB11 spirit box where they were getting evidence of a girl called Emily.  This was perhaps the same spirit that 2 of the guests encountered in the Great Hall.


Also upstairs, one of the teams had some interesting results with the dowsing rods which seemed to show that a spirit was following a guest.  That guest switched places in the seance and the rods seemed to follow that guest when continuing with the questioning.




Unfortunately, nothing further was captured on the night vision cameras, nor the voice recordings we attempted to capture.


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Likewise - if you have any further experiences, photos or videos from the night not already referenced then please do get in touch.

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