Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge

Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge - 17th June 2015

Possibly one of the most famously haunted locations in the UK, this 12th century inn is home to all manner of spirits.  With poltergeist activity, possessions and a history of witchcraft this may be one of the more risky solo investigations.  I'm going prepared to capture EVP's and video evidence.


The visit to the Ancient Ram Inn is a 'must do' for any avid ghost hunter.  But more than that - it's a privilege to spend time with John Humphries, the owner.  John will talk at length about the experiences he and others have had whilst there and give a good historical account of the Ancient Ram Inn through the ages.


I'm not one of these that believe ghost only come out at night so had no issues about investigating in the afternoon.  True, the darkness certainly does add to the fear of the unknown but i prefer to be as unbiased as possible when investigating.


Through my walk around i did get hit by a cold spot in one of the rooms, while the rest of the house was warm, owing to the beautifully still and sunny day that greeted us outside.  I conducted video, EVP and K2 investigations.


I'm in the process of analysing the results but have found a first class EVP from the Bishops room during my solo walk round the building.  Following the investigation I caught up with John and his daughter who talked again about their experiences and informed me that some people had been sworn at and told to leave.  At this point I hadn't reviewed the EVP session so was unaware I'd captured an example of this.


Here's the extract from the EVP session in the Bishops room.  Apart from cutting this out of the full 28 minute audio file, there has been no other editing.


1m07s - "Can you see that light on the bed?"

1m09s - RESPONSE:  "Feck Off"


Ancient Ram Inn - Bishops Room EVP
Snippet Bishops Room EVP.MP3
MP3 File [155.6 KB]

Interview with John Humphries, owner of the Ancient Ram Inn.  During the interview a couple of things occurred…


@48sec - right after John says "thats the most frightening thing about the Ram" you see a light anomoly shimmer between myself and John, moving from right to left, diagonally down across John's Chest


@58sec - an unidentified click/bang.  John and myself are the only people in the property at this time

Solo ghost hunt at the Ancient Ram Inn, EVP captured in the Bishops Room


8sec - "Can you see that light on the bed?"
10sec - RESPONSE:  "Feck Off"

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