Mackenzie Poltergeist

Mackenzie Crypt, Greyfriars Graveyard, Edinburgh, Poltergeist, Kirkyard Mackenzie Crypt, Greyfriars Graveyard, Edinburgh

Part 1 on the Edinburgh ghost hunt began at the Mackenzie crypt in Greyfriars graveyard - said to be one of the most haunted graveyards in the world.  


The meeting with the keyholder was set at 10pm, and I made sure I was there early to have a quick walk round.  The weather was awful and I was getting soaked to the bone so took shelter on the steps of the Mackenzie crypt.  Of course I had an advanced look through the iron grates on the doors, shining the torch all round.  The first room to the crypt was in itself quite unremarkable.  Simple decor with nothing more to say about it.


The keyholder then arrived and we entered the crypt.  I was told the tales about the history of Mackenzie, and what later happened to his corpse, but I was keen to get deep down into the lower crypt.  All that stood in my way was a rusted old iron gate covering the stairs down into the tomb.  I battled for what felt like hours to try to loosen the rusted hinges - sadly without success.  I'm told that a full film crew were to investigate the crypt on 11th April so perhaps they will open the way to a follow up investigation.


Unfortunately, there was nothing to report about the crypt itself, or surrounding graveyard.  I felt no sense of unease and managed to walk away unharmed.  There are reports of people suffering scratches and bruises - which they attribute to the Mackenzie poltergeist.  Despite my many taunts to the spirit of George Mackenzie however, I came away clean - but very wet.

Edinburgh Vaults

Southbridge Vaults, Edinburgh, Blair Street, Mercat Tours, Mr Boots Blair Street Vaults, Edinburgh

Part 2 - the Blair Street Vaults.  This began with a very kind and unexpected birthday gift courtesy of Mercat Tours, for which I was very grateful.  


The hunt began with a quick walk through with a guide from Mercat Tours.  Once I'd got the layout sorted I then had my own solo walk through.  Candles and mains lights were provided whilst setting up, but I promptly switched most of these off, leaving only a few candles lit.


I began by setting up a static video camera in the Wine Vaults room, a place where it's said the spirit of a little boy (Jack) is said to make his presence known.  I positioned the camera facing from the exit of the Cobblers room and focussing in on 2 motion glow balls and a K2 meter.  Leaving this camera rolling I conducted additional investigations in each other room, including the White Room, home to the more aggressive of the spirits down in the vaults, nicknamed Mr Boots.  It's beleived he was a form of landlord, and not a very nice man in both life and death.


From almost 2 hours of footage I captured no interaction with the glow balls, nor any fluctuations on the K2 meter.  There were some fluctiations on the Mel Meter, sadly not captured on film.  Likewise I carried out Spirit Box sessions for some time but no voices came through on this nor on the EVP recorder.


However, from both the handheld camcorder and the static camcorder I captured a series of strange light anomalies.  I've ruled these out as being dust, bugs or dripping water as I'm familiar with these, but have a look below and comment as you will.


The vaults are certainly a dark and sometimes claustrophobic environment, which definitely adds to the already heavy atmosphere down there.  In fact, I recall whilst leaving Mr Boots room for the last time I began feeling an enormous pressure in my head.  This feeling became more severe and actually lasted a full 48 hours, at one point leaving me physically shaking and twitching with the pain and struggling to sleep.


Here's a series of photographs from the Cobblers room.  These are all taken from the same viewpoint and in succession.

edinburgh vaults, blair street vaults, haunted, cobblers room Series of images taken in the Cobblers Room, showing appearence of a light anomoly in image 2
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