Poltergeist House, 30 East Drive, Pontefract

Gaining notoriety throughout the 60's and 70's the hauntings by 'Fred" - the Black Monk of Pontefract are known of worldwide.  Such were the itensity of the hauntings a film was made detailing the occurrences (When the Lights Went Out)


In a first ever for this property I negotiated an opportunity to spend 2 consecutive days at the house - alone.  When I approached the owner with this idea he told me "Nobody has ever done this before."


My desire for solo investigations is to remove any possible source of contamination, whether it be noise, light or movement.  With nobody else there I can rule out other people being the cause of any of these.


My initial thought for the investigation was to give the illusion that I'd be moving in.  With the various equipment in bags and boxes I'd be bringing it would certainly look like i was a new tennant!  My feeling is that this would be a good catalyst for activity.


At this point I want to make it perfectly clear that I had no intention of disrespecting anything that resides there and would definitely not take to provoking or mocking at a property with well documented reports of poltergeist activity.  Provocation is a useful technique but I didn't believe I would need to resort to it at this location.


That said, I hadn't handed over hard earned cash to sit on the sofa in silence for 2 days!


Investigation Summary

The investigation began with a tour from Carol, the neighbour.  Carol was very generous with her time and stories during the tour and was interesting to listen to.


During the tour we (myself, my tech engineer and Carol) experienced 3 events:  


1. Upstairs in the son's bedroom we had a domino thrown as we were exiting.  I was running a periscope live feed at the time and managed to capture where the domino had landed.  However, i hadn't seen which direction it came from.


2. As we descended the stairs another domino was thrown.  Again we couldn't trace where this came from but found it at the base of the stairs, along with a third domino that we didn't notice on the way upstairs.


3. Whilst shut inside the coal shed, my tech engineer and Carol were in the doorway to the kitchen when I suddenly heard comotion.  Exiting the coal shed I made it into the kitchen to find a small plastic yellow ball rolling along the floor, having heard it bounce moments before this.  Again I was periscoping and caught the audio and some video of this but was too late to see where this had come from.


Now it's fair to say that having heard so much about this location I was instantly excited by this activity. Carol then left me to it.


Once all the cameras were in place my techy quickly departed, still uncertain about the location but not wanting to stay longer than he had to!  Over the course of the stay I conducted several periscope vigils, conducted EVP sessions, experimented with K2 meters, Mel Meter, Spirit box and photo.  In addition there were 4 night vision cameras and an experiment setup.



EVP's - none

Photo - nothing to report (photos taken in Infrared and full spectrum)

K2 Meter - the spikes in K2 were attributed to the mobile phone signal whilst running periscope.  In fact, even when the K2 meter was left upstairs in the son's bedroom, the signal from the mobile phone in the kitchen directly below was still affecting it.  K2 readings could not be considered as paranormal. (This is why we encourage guests to switch to flight mode or turn them off completely during vigils).

Mel Meter - no EMF fluctuations, little temperature change.  Nothing paranormal to report.

Experiment - A ring of table tennis balls were setup in the son's bedroom and I encouraged the entity to move them in some way.  These remained unaffected.


This lack of evidence could be a result of the solo aspect of the investigation.  It's known that spirits are attracted to the energy that a group can generate, and while I tried my best to remain energised I can't compete with the energy of a group investigation.




Night Vision Cameras - 1 event was recorded, which I reviewed via periscope for followers.  A fast moving orb set off a motion sensor in the main bedroom.  This was very different to the vast amount of dust that was captured on the cameras and was the only evidence captured from the property.

My own personal view:  This house was once the home of a very violent and mischevious poltergeist for which we are told several attempts at exorcism have failed.  On this occasion I encountered no evidence of poltergeist activity, nor indeed any intelligent haunting.  Possibly something residual but certainly nothing evil that wanted to play at that time.  No feelings of uneasiness or dread and definitely no heavy or oppressive feelings once exiting the property.  Again though, I expect this is due to the lack of group energy.


My avice - try a group hunt here if you want to try it out.  More energy may present more findings.


That said - I will certainly be back to carry out another solo investigation as I have unfinished business there.



The copyright for any footage / images / audio from this investigation that is posted on this site belongs to the owner of 30 East Drive and is only displayed with the kind permission of the owner.


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