Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester

The Ye Olde Kings Head certainly has the look and feel of a haunted inn, dominated by it's 17th century style black timber structure, materials recovered from the wreckages of Admiral Lord Nelson's sunken ships. 


Speaking with the staff behind the bar and some regulars gave me more insight into the apparent goings on.  One member of staff mentioned a time he stayed in room 2, long before he worked at the inn.  He recalls a sensation or dream where a dog was jumping up at his bed during the night.  Later he learned that othe guests had also experienced the same in room 2.  The staff also tell me that rooms 4 and 6 are the most active.  


Whilst chatting with staff and patrons I'm presented with a 'guest book' containing images and letters sent in by previous guests / ghost hunts.  I took a snapshot of one letter from a couple staying in room 6, see below.  This advises of a wardrobe door opening of it's own accord.  I thoroughly tested this by taking heavy and excessive steps around the wardrobe to see if perhaps uneven floorboards might be the cause.  Despite testing i could not get the door to pop open.


Investigating room 6 for 6-8 hours, I have to say i experienced pretty much nothing but comfort and relative peace and quiet, despite the hotel being occupied to capacity.


One thing I did witness however was a strange ball of light, no more than 1cm in size.  Whilst lay on the bed conducting an EVP session I saw this travel horizontally through the beam of my full spectrum light fitting but this was unfortunately out of shot of the camera itself.  This wasn't an insect as it had no obvious structure to it and never returned to the light source again.  


Other patrons walking the corridors to their rooms gave rise to relentless creaking of the wooden timbers below their feet, a sound which was heard and felt throughout the hotel.


Ye Olde Kings Head is an intriguing place, and although it didn't give up it's secrets during my investigation, it's clear that others have experienced and captured evidence whilst there.  I think this will certainly be worth a re-visit later in the year.  




Here's just a few images from room 6 at the Ye Olde Kings Head Inn, Chester. Unfortunately, nothing paranormal was captured in these photo's taken with a digital camera.

EVP's / Spirit Box

The voice recorder and spirit box were used through the ghost huntm however no EVP's or spirit voices were captured.


After reviewing the video footage, it was again concluded that nothing out of the ordinary or what could be considered paranormal was captured.

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